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Great Jobs and employers at top level – with first class applications

Application in Base? Sure! First of all, Basel, with its border location on the Rhine, is an attractive location for companies and employees. And as a business location, Basel is home to many valuable companies. Quite a few are top class in their field. Many of them are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – hidden champions. Others are on the other side of the spectrum: the big players in the industries, such as Big Pharma, banks or insurance companies, etc. All of this speaks for an application in Basel.

In addition, Basel is also a go-to location for employees. In addition, the city on the Rhine has numerous leisure activities and attractions to offer alongside work. The city is simply worth living in and invites you to live and work. This is another reason why applications in Basel are something special. Ultimately, applicants benefit from excellent companies and at the same time from the Basel lifestyle. It couldn’t be better.

How do I apply in Basel?

Impress companies with a professional, individual and meaningful application. Bulk letters and general application texts are usually less successful. That’s why I can’t recommend it – really not! On the other hand, job-specific documents are more promising. This includes an individual letter of motivation tailored to the position, supplemented by a curriculum vitae, certificates and possibly evidence of further training.

In order to make the best impression right from the start, it is advisable to design your application professionally – in terms of appearance and content. Classic, modern or individual? I would be happy to support you in optimizing or creating your application documents accordingly.

Required documents

Curriculum vitae / proof of work / references / Letter of motivation / job advertisement

Application documents as a door opener

You can find out whether an application works or not if there are no invitations to interviews. Application documents are the door opener for job interviews. Therefore, the documents should arouse the employer’s interest so that both of you can take the next steps.

After 10 unsuccessful applications at the latest, it is time to take another close look at the application documents. Then identify the problem and change the vulnerability. Personally, I’ve already seen this when an applicant had such a problem. We then made small changes to a few places in the CV. Then she was invited for interviews. The application now worked.

What characterizes a good letter of motivation?

A lot can be said about a good letter of motivation. The really good ones are highly individualized to the position, the company and the applicant. Especially because this is where the applicant’s personality comes out most strongly. It starts with the design (classic / modern / individual) and continues with graphics, formatting such as your own address, lists and and and. There are many elements that can emphasize individual style.

As I said, in principle a good letter of motivation should suit the applicant and the company. Just as the applicant should fit in with the company. A classic style for a creative small graphic design agency tends to be just as suboptimal as a colorful creative young dynamic style for a respected long-established law firm.


That is why best-in-class letters of motivation are individually tailored to the job and the company. Mass applications, on the other hand, are suboptimal. You can also score points with positivity and motivational language. Furthermore, focus on the
own strengths
. I would be happy to show you exactly how to do this. After all, who would want the constant skeptics, the constant negatives in their own company or maybe even as colleagues?

Those who skillfully work out their own strengths specifically for the new job and the company while writing will score double points. Your writing style should have flow, guide the reader and make the document quickly understandable. I am happy to support you here too.

In my experience, the letter of motivation is often divided into 3-4 paragraphs. Personally, I already ask myself the question after the first paragraph, is what I’m reading interesting? Do I want to read on and learn more? Or is it boring? For those who know it, this is the second part of the AIDA model. We can also use this in the letter of motivation. Alternatively, or sometimes in addition, other psychological models help to better design applications. More about this on the phone or in one of our training courses / events.

Score in the interview

Are your application documents convincing and have you been invited to an interview? Congratulations! Based on your documents, the company can imagine working with you. Professionally, you are probably suitable. Or the company can envision you developing into the role. Otherwise you will not be invited. Now it’s about convincing you with your personality in the interview. Here you score with openness, friendliness, etc. I would be happy to tell you exactly how this works and which part of the conversation you are preparing for. Just like the general dramaturgy of the conversation.

However, anything can happen at any time during the interview. It depends on the job, the company, the people you are talking to and so on. Sometimes the other person just wants to test how you react. Interesting right? I would be happy to explain to you how you can actively shape the conversation, steer it in the right direction from the start, or increase the likelihood of doing so. Learn to sell yourself well. You can do your job!

What is the benefit of more of that AG?

Experience – ability – concrete tips – and ultimately success!

In the past few years I’ve helped many people find new jobs. Here I was able to bring in and deepen the experiences from my professional life for my customers. Perhaps you will be won over by my achievements and successes. I would like to write the best application you have ever had with or for you.

A few anonymized examples:


A chief secretary contacted me after she had been unsuccessful in looking for a job for over 1 year. Your application documents already looked very good and didn’t need any adjustments, with the exception of the letter of motivation. I discussed the changes in the cover letter with her. Then she applied for 2 positions in the next week. A short time later, she was invited to an interview at both companies. In preparation for the interview, I recommended some good videos and clarified her questions. Then we rehearsed the key parts of the interview. A short time later she contacted me. She had been accepted for a job as chief secretary and wanted to thank you for the specific tips!

Scientist with a penchant for IT

A scientist contacted me. Her contract should be terminated. Coaching allowed her to realign. We then optimized the application documents (cover letter, résumé) and the strategic parts of the interview. Due to her strong affinity for IT, she found a job at the interface between science and IT in the same company. A dream job. When she told me that her new salary was also higher, I just said: “Wow!! Well negotiated!! Congratulation!!”

Geriatric nurse

A newly trained geriatric nurse contacted me. We then put together an individual application with a very personal touch. In particular, the letter of motivation stood out positively from the crowd. A short time later, she received an invitation to two job interviews. With me as a sparring partner, she went in well prepared and came out with 2 job offers. She later told me that she had been selected from around 25 applicants. It’s great when courageous applications and candidates are rewarded so positively. But it was also a great application.

Electrical engineer

A motivated electrical engineer wanted to change, less piquet, less travel time, more family and still a high level of commitment in the job. First he showed me the job offer. Then we put together the application documents and practiced the interview. Did he get the job? Yes! Mister 100,000 volts!

Managing Director

An experienced managing director was looking for a new field of activity. Therefore optimized the documents for his application and discussed the strategy for the interview. A few days later his new employer received his job offer. I wish good business!

With kind regards

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